HiTech Albums

About Us

Hitech Albums & Pro Labs has been serving photographers since 1999 with a simple goal: to provide excellent printing, binding and service.

Our print technicians reviews every image that is printed for any needed adjustments to color and contrast. This allows them to highlight the quality of professional photographers and improve the work of amateur photographers. Our photographers depend on us for outstanding quality, value and customer service. We are happy to continue to fulfill that need. We update our equipment to the latest in print and binding technology to always provide the cutting edge products that set us apart.

Maximum efficiency, Value & Quality
By utilizing our website and our robust ordering system to handle the majority of routine orders, we minimize unnecessary delays, making us faster and more efficient and therefore able to offer better prices without compromising quality.

But this doesn''t mean we''re not at the end of a phone or able to deal face to face from our premises in ‘New Hyde Park, NY’ to take your instructions or orders. Just give us a call to receive personal attention. +1-516-305-4052